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>> we are back on storm watch tonight. homeowners clean up after a wet holiday now more rain head our way. latest forecast. >> and the frightening new outlook for computer crime next year and why the tablet you got for the holidays under the christmas tree this year could christmas tree this year could be a
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>> good evening. we are going to begin with breaking news out of el cerrito whether police have shot someone at gas station on portrero avenue near san pablo. we were over the scene shortly after the shooting. police say they responded to emergency call at the chevron station but will not say exactly what the call
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involved whether a robbery fight or something else still unclear. they confirmed they shot one person and different police official tells us that person is in critical condition right now. we have a crew on the scene. we bring awe live report from the latest information tonight on abc 7 news at 11:00 o'clock. there is more breaking news. this in pittsburgh. sky 7 hd is live right now. that's what you are looking at. over a police scene near the pittsburgh bart station that we believe is part of ongoing situation that involved a somewhating at the bart station and caused delays for the system. victim was shot in the parking lot and suffered chest and elbow wound wounds. he was taken to john muir hospital. again this scene is in a neighborhood near the bart station in pittsburgh. we are still working to nail it down and figure out exactly what the connection is here but bart is back up and running normally right now. more details this hour as we get them and of course on abc 7 news at 11:00 o'clock but looking at live breaking pictures near the pittsburgh bart station tonight breaking news. mean time police releasing
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few details on first of its kind shooting in walnut creek in more than a decade. doesn't happen there very often. correct side drive in walnut creek. 7 news reporter laura thoyn has the story. >> it's fair to say they were concerned for their well-being. >> while releasing few details walnut creek police maintain the map shot and killed by the officers posed an immediate threat. it all started with nine 11 call from cell phone at 315 this morning. woman could be heard screaming in the background. when officers arrived at the diablo point apartments they were confronted by man armed with undisclosed weapon. >> they were forced to shoot the individual and that individual was pronounced deceased at the scene. >> really foreign to this area. >>reporter: neighbor wallace told 7 news he was asleep until he heard noises that he didn't medley recognize as gunshots. >> i was actually just woke up out of my sleep by the sound of so you knowed like banging. i didn't even know it was a gun. >>reporter: police say more than one officer was involved in the shooting. investigators
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would not reveal how many shots were fired or whether man had a gun or fired at police. the officers involved have been sequestered and policed on administrative leave. like all of walnut creek, creek side drive is a quiet residential area. not prone to violence. much less the sound of gunshots in the middle of the night. >> one of our neighbors called us and just said don't come out of your house. just keep your doors closed until we hear otherwise. never immanuel this. everybody is together and happy all the time. >> i have been living in this neighborhood for 3 years and nothing like this has ever happened. >>reporter: sbrina lives near the diablo point a.last year her brother was shot and killed by police in man teak a who claimed he was carrying a knife. >> this is just kind of hits home for me and i will definitely be following this story to find out what exactly happened. >>reporter: walnut creek, laura anthony abc 7 news. >> oakland signed one of the country most prominent crime fighters to help reverse the spiral of violence in the city.
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as nick explains bringing in a top cop with very big reputation. >> we have heard from our community members. we have heard their cry loud and clear. >>reporter: police chief jordan not pleased with the spike of crime in oakland. as of november robbery up 24 percent. burglary 43 percent. and to date there have been 127 homicides. >> that's way too many way too many on my watch. i don't want -- i want to change that. >> city manager and mayor at his side oakland top law enforcement officers introduced a two point plan to restrict gun violence and routes crime in oakland. crime fighting measures will include one contracting with the strategic policy partnership that is a group of senior policemanger with proven record of violence reduction. leading that team will be bob of boston and bill brad headed both new york city and los angeles police departments. no. 2, return to neighborhood policing. 5 distinct police district two in
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east oakland each of the 5 headed by captain and lieutenant. >> it's critical for us economically and critical for every day citizens. everyone needs to feel safe. >>reporter: all of this falls on the heel of federal judge decision to have a compliance director oversee the oakland police department. move was made after the department failed to meet the deadline of court ordered reform. chef jordan stressed that the plant they work to put in place for early 2013 is part of pro active decision made by him back in april. he also made it clear how bill brad and his team will fall within the city's chain of command. >> they will be reporting to me and the mayor and mr. santana as group. >>reporter: group will give the chief recommendations but it will be up to the chief to carry them out. now all of this comes at a cost. the city will be presentd with proposal to pay the think tank 250,000 dollars out of the city's general fund n.oakland, nick smith, abc 7 news. >> travelers on a south west
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flight from oakland to las vegas had a bit of a scare. flight 4316 left oakland 4:25 this afternoon. pilot reported engine trouble just before landing in las vegas. passengers said they saw flames shooting out of an engine. south westco not confirm that. everyone got off safely in vegas and passengers headed on to denver and loaded on to different plane. well, dry spell nice to see the sun today but more wet weather is coming but lisa is here with a look at the forecast and live doppler 7 hd. lisa camera on the move. see you in a moment. >> that's right dan. when you look at life doppler 7 hd right now and we are going to talk about that rain coming up when we return. or not. here we go. we are talking about a large northerly swell coming in out ahead of the front but you foe what, we are looking at very wet conditions soggy conditions for late fall and pretty much all of december.
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so you can see 151 percent of normal san francisco with 154 percent of normal over to the east bay so we don't need any more rain but here it comes. we time it out for you and 4:00 o'clock tomorrow things are getting a little bit wet in the forth bay. by the over nature hours getting a little more interesting san francisco peninsula but lack at that. 4:00 o'clock in the morning it's out of here and by early saturday morning we are into mostly sunny conditions so much of the weekend looks this system really not amounting to much but we will talk about that high surf advisory and how much rain to expect in jaws few minutes. dan. >> thanks a lot. more rain on the way today dry weather provided much needed opportunity for work crews around the bay area and in the north bay specifically to get ready for the next wave. 7 news has look at the preparation. >>reporter: heavy duty vacuum cleaning on the hillside of san rafael today. public work crew made the rounds getting rid of debris from drainage pipe that
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carry storm water to the lower level of the city. trying to prevent a large back that up could unleash a torrent of potentially destructive water. >> more than anything we have seen in the last 15 years. saturation levels in the hillside creating a lot of flow throughout the lower levels. >>reporter: nearby there has been a nagging flow of water through frank hererra sky light into the kitchen. >> call the contractor hope to get him over here next day to see what he has to say and hopefully they can order up a new part. the tarp is coming. before the next storm definitely. >>reporter: only kern boulevard they scrape out junk and the metal great id that goes that the station. >> gets full of grass and clean it tout make sure the pump able to run. >>reporter: the pump take all the run off from city streets and flush it into the bay. willow tree topple on hillside on valley view avenue. wasn't
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particularly big but the branches may have created a natural dam lead ing into a drain pipe. >> always looks better than a fallen down tree. they just recently replace the sewage and drain. they do a good job. >>reporter: during the recent holiday storm the public works department had 8, 2 man crew working around the clock and go on call if necessary but for now they are at least playing catch up instead of chasing emergencies. in san rafael, abc 7 news. well good news from cal-trans tonight. highway 1 is now reopened few miles south of big suras we have been reporting. it was blocked sunday afternoon by the huge boulder. now cleared away. the highway reopened late this afternoon. however you can expect 20 minute delay tomorrow for some final clean up work there on highway 1. >> all this early season rain and snow that we have been getting has state water experts optimistic about california water supply as we head into the new year. storm have helped remen issue many state
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reservoir and heavy snow has increased the snow pack to nearly 150 percent above normal for this time of year. >> at least a partial supply already in the bank either reservoir storage or snow pack. however it still depends on remainder of the season and about two-thirds of the wet season is still left. >> snow pack run off normally provides california with about a third of the water supply so us a well know it's absolutely critical. well, people across the midwest are dig out from giant winter storm now blasting the northeast. forecasters warn there is more snow on the way. at least 16 deaths have been blamed on the nasty weather that swept through the south midwest over the last 48 hours. most of the fatalities occurred on the road from nebraska to ohio. and travelers are advised to expect delay as they return from the holidays. this is video from pittsburgh international airport. maintenance crew clearing the way for flights.
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thousands of flights have been cancelled over the past 48 hours. more than 600 cancelled today alone. more to bring you here tonight. still to come on 7 news at 9:00. end of the free ride for sunday drivers in san francisco. new parking policy for parking meet that's many say is just unfair. >> plus president obama back in washington with 4 days to go now until the country plunges over the fiscal cliff. both sides are trading blame. >> warning tonight to anyone with closet full of skinny jeans. do you have some of jeans. do you have some of snos doctors now say they could
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>> free parking on sunday in san francisco coming to an end soon this coming sunday is the last sunday that residents and visitors alike will not have to feed the meter. carolyn tyler has the story. >>reporter: think about starting to plug the meters on sunday. >> that's awful. that's awful. >>reporter: since the first first meeter installed in san francisco on bush and polk street back in the 1940's sunday have been a one day
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break. but that longstanding policy is over. >> this is a new day as far as parking management. we have notice that 70% of all businesses are open in san francisco on sunday and we really need an effective parking management plan in place. >>reporter: now starting january sixth from noon to 6:00 p.m. of the 29,000 plus parking meters throughout the city operated by the man pal transportation agency will be enforced. >> unbelievable that the city needs more money and raising just about everything. >>reporter: change will bring in two million dollars a year for the mta. about 1% of its operating budget. jackie khong warning clients who come to her hair salon in the westportal neighborhood. >> come to get the hair done and have to worry about meter that's really not fair. >>reporter: but down the street at the village grill the owner agrees with the mta. that enforcing the meters on sunday will free up parking spaces for his customers.
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>> westportal in particular we have a lot of people who park the cars all day. take muni did you want. >>reporter: mta reprogrammed the system so that motorist will now be able to park for up to 4 hours and even pre-pay. that was a nod to the many san francisco churches surrounded by parking meters. but with sunday no longer sacred in terms of avoiding tickets, the head of the inner faith council worries about the im page. it's implemented on january 6 which is epiphany for the christian church. i'm afraid that the great epiphany for a lot of people is going out to the cars and seeing either warnings or tickets on their cars. >>reporter: there will be warnings for the first month then citations. those parking tickets are expensive. 62 dollars most places in the cit city. 72 dollars downtown. in san francisco, carolyn tyler abc 7 news. well if you think parking rates are steep in san francisco, they are even fwhors
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chicago. starting january 1st it will cost 6.50 an hour to park at these downtown meters. that's hike of 75 cents an hour or 11 and a half percent. rates have doubled since 2008. put chicago ahead of san francisco as the most expensive place to park anywhere in the country. so always someplace else. expense i have to park in chicago and very, very cold as well. lisa is in for spencer tonight. what a nice day toda today. >> beautiful. but you know it can't last. will it interrupt the little dry spell but bring it back. in fact very interesting 7 day outlook to show you but right now start out with the beautiful shot of the city you can see everything lit up and sky were his clear for most of the evening but now we look at partly cloudy conditions. certainly cooler this evening than it was last evening but with a little bit of cloud cover don't think we see the frogs ty conditions. live doppler 7 hd showing the cloud cover off the coast and
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us a little bit but it is going to be cold towards morning. right now 39 in fairfield with 49 in san francisco. 46 in fremont. numbers are anywhere from 2 to 7 degrees colder right now than we were last evening with the clear conditions. full moon out there as well. 2:20 am the official full moon. check it out. cold again in the morning whours rain arriving late tomorrow and just changing over to showers on saturday. in fact, you may sleep through it. it's a very brief light event but will usher in cool air with snow level dropping down to 3500 feet. lake county possibly you might see a little bit of rain snow mix. here's the front. high pressure still in control. it will weaken and as it does we'll look for the rain to move on in. it will be later tomorrow. increasing clouds throughout the north bay and see more sunshine in the south bay. here's our computer animation 4:00 o'clock see the rain line beginning to push into marin county. so elsewhere we are looking at the filtered sun but the colder air
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already in place there here we are 10:00 o'clock and notice the peninsula a little bit in the north bay did you but the east bay doesn't look like anything at all and by 4:00 o'clock in the morning skips over the south bay as well. so into the early morning hours we are clearing. saturday looking to be a nice afternoon although a little bit on the cool side and rainfall amounts we scale back day after day with this system. only a tenth to quarter inch in the north bay. look at that maybe nothing east bay south bay santa cruz mountains. very little. so we are looking at big northerly swell. high surf advisory getting under way 10:00 o'clock saturday morning right on through 4:00 o'clock in the afternoon for northwest swell anywhere from 10 to 15 feet so watch out for the strong rip current. also the large breaking waves. current wave height and it will be getting pretty dangerous out there. overnight tonight with the numbers dropping in parts of the sky clear we'll see some mid 30's for napa. 36 in vallejo. look for mid 30's in
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san jose. so bundle up as you head out tomorrow morning. in the afternoon take some time but we will warm-up and see more sunshine in the south bay from around palo alto south. 54 in san jose. 53 in richmond and down by the monterey bay it takes some time. may not see any rain here at all. 54 in watsonville. 53 in holster. accu-weather 7 day forecast shows that little bity whimpy anemic system our way tomorrow the and then out of here saturday morning. weekend loo looks nice new year's eve. more sunshine and clouds new year's day and next weather system this looks weak too come wednesday and thursday. so we are well above normal. >> i like the whimpy system that's nice. >> thanks very much. >> did you know the clothes you wear can affect your health? coming up warning from the fashion police on what could happen if you have skinny jeans in your closet. that's next. stay
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>> some doctors warn about painful side effect of the ultra tight skinny jeans so many women wear these days. carolyn has the story. >> check out my skinny jeans. >>reporter: christine closet is full of so-called skinny jeans. tight fitting and versatile. >> wear the boot over. nice in the winter. even just during the daytime you can wear them with flats or jazz them up at nature. >>reporter: sometimes a struggle to squeeze into them. >> they can be hard to get on because you are trying to obviously pull them up. >>reporter: but more than an inconvenience some doctors worn overly tight fit could cause nerve damage. >> it's a disorderat occurs
9:26 pm
when one of the nerves that runs in the outer part of the thigh gets compressed. and pressure on it causes symptoms of tingle, numbness and pain. >>reporter: dr. karen boyle says women can even experience symptoms without realizing the cause. >> one woman described it as a floating sensation when she was walking. her thigh kind of felt weak and tingling an got pain in the thigh. >>reporter: she says combining the jeans with ultra high heel can worsen the effect. >> because the pelvis tilt some it further accentuate the pressure that is caused on the nerves. >>reporter: experts say one good option is to consider jeans with stretch built in them. >> it is 64 percent polyester. 31 percent cotton. 5 percent expand ex. >>reporter: short of that shop for cut with slightly more room in the thigh area where the nerves are most likely to become compressed. this is abc 7 news. >> one more note on this. doctors warn that the condition
9:27 pm
can be serious and potentially cause permanent nerve daniel if the problem is not correct the. just ahead here. saying goodbye to national hero. plus going over the fiscal cliff and just how much it could cost you if legislators can't come to an agreement. you will be surprisinged how much you could owe. >> new fall out from the fiscal cliff. how the crisis in washington could end up making new prices double in the next few week. >> wild scene. shark tank burst sending fish flying and shoppers into a panic. we let you know what led up to the you know what led up to the accident and what happened
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>> one of the hero of the first if you feel war operation desert storm has died. general
9:31 pm
norman schwartskopf commander of the international coalition that drove iraqi forces out of kuwait unthe president president bush has died. chuck takes a look back. nishtion 1 1990 norman was a little known u.s. army general looking ahead to retime. then iraq dictator hussein invaded neighboring kuwait and storming norman was a household name. he turned into the face of the u.s. led counter attack. called operation desert storm to evict iraqi invaders. >> impossible to say how long it will take. let me put it this way it's going to take as long as it takes for the iraqi to get out of the kuwait and united nations resolution to be enforced. >>reporter: 6 week campaign of bomb boardment routing iraqi in 100 hours. >> now it lacks like the air force and now navy being told to get out of the war completely. >>reporter: he was a west point graduate who spent his whole career in the army. war
9:32 pm
hero in vietnam where he earned 3 silver stars, 3 bronze stars and 2 purple hearts. he returned from the persian gulf a national hero. president bush presented him with the medal of freedom for service to the country. he was called a true american patriots and one of the great military leaders of his generation. in retirement the general declined calls to run for office devoting himself to charity work and public speaking. he was 78. this is abc news, new york. >> mean time family and friends continue to visit former president george w. bush at the intensive care unit of houston hospital where he has been since sunday. mr. bush has been hospitalized in methodist hospital since last month with chronic cough but just transferred to the icu this past weekend because of a persistent high fever. doctors trying to figure out exactly what is wrong and trying to treat him of course as best
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they can. all indications tonight are that we are about to go over the fiscal cliff. today senate majority leader reid said he doesn't see any way that they can cut a deal in time. if you think this is just politics and it won't affect you. mark calculates just how much the fiscal cliff could cost you. >>reporter: if congress fails to avoid the fiscal cliff the financial consequences are significant. now there's a computer program that will figure specifically what each of us can expect next year. tax policy center fiscal cliff calculator peck your category married single with or without children enter the income and press to, it will pop up but you have to cough up next year. >> 17,000 dollars higher. that's a lot. >>reporter: jason is an engineer from cupertino with wife and 3 kid. he's looking at extra 17,000 in change.
9:34 pm
renee of carson just calculated what her family will pay. >> my god. that's another additional, i mean, deduction. >>reporter: 4 dollars short of 3000 dollars. >> i know. i know. >>reporter: she says it's like losing a month salary for her or her husband. pretty significant reduction. >> oh, yes. yes. it's a big one. >>reporter: here's other quick calculations. single person making 46,000 can count on increase of 1300. married with no children income of 57,000 it's an extra 2200 you will be paying. married with two kids and income of 146,000, 7300 more. if you are up there in the top one percent making two million a year off the cliff ill cost you 122 grand. >> people have a sense of the broader national debate. >>reporter: joseph is a research associate with the urban brooking tax policy center that developed the
9:35 pm
calculator. he says the goal will bring the debate home in terms of actual bottom line. >> hopefully better information and sort of will improve the policy making process. that's our hope. >>reporter: hard toy imagine it makes a difference before next tuesday but it got our attention. do you think people really understand how it will impact them. >> i think people will be really surprised. >>reporter: we have a link to the tax calculator on our web site. just lack under see it on tv. and we also want to let you know when the tax increases take effect but irs has not issued any guide lanes so are if a. so the experts at the tax policy center they believe this paychecks won't change medley after the first of the year. irs likely will wait until congress sorts it out or doesn't. in the newsroom, 7 news. hang on to your hat. not just the fiscal cliff. could also be the dairy cliff beginning next year you could be paying as much as 7 dollars for gallon of milk if congress
9:36 pm
does not step in. price of milk could double if congress doesn't provide a fix for expiring dairy price supports beginning or before january 1s 1st. roller coaster day on wall scrutiny as market reacted to news on fiscal cliff pending. dow down 150 points in early trading but rallied to close with just 18 point loss. index closed today at 13096. fourth straightlessing day for the dow by the way. >> now to some incredible video from china. shows a 33 ton shark tank exploding at shanghai shopping mall. people look at the tank when the glass shattered suddenly and huge wave of world trade center comes over the onlookers. 15 people were injured. none critically. 3 lemon shark and dozens of smaller fish all died unfortunately. now shanghai officials say cold temperatures and showedy material made the acrylic sheet so brittle it
9:37 pm
just gave way. well just ahead tonight. frightening new outlook for computer crime next year. why computer crime next year. why the tablet th
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if. >> the shift smart phones and tablet causing a shift by hackers for malicious attacks and the bad guys are exploiting some of the newest features to too. david explains what kind of attacks you should expect. >>reporter: collectively virus trojan horses and worm called malwear 55 unique ones relessed over the internet daily, 1 per second. they attack network and p c. constant fear bring down the power grid and mass transit but the new target is the mobile device payment system with a simple swipe. bad guy tap in the bank accounts. >> whenever it reaches
9:41 pm
proximity to another mobile device that has been infected immanuel if you end up doing a financial transaction so essentially you are giving somebody your money away being close to them. >>reporter: senior v p at the internet security company forecasting 2013 will see a big increase in mobile did he advice attacks. some will be crossovers from p c where access to the photo and data held for ransom. >> pictures. documents. everything gets encripted then you 7 nice little e-mail that tells you for 79.95 you can get the data unencripted. holding you are a data for ransom. we have begun to see that occur on mobile devices. >>reporter: mc afee expects it will target smart phones and transfer video photo holding them together. virus transferred too. attack already given the name bump and effect. >> know it's coming jaws question of time. in 2013 we think we will see it. >>reporter: you are urge your your honored to monitor bank
9:42 pm
accounts and personal at that time a.use anti-virus and trying to filter it barometric pressure it reaches mall ware but more and more the bad guy go after the little device the ones we carry. this is abc 7 news. bit of tech history made this week. tablet out number smart phones as christmas presents for the first time ever. mobile tracking firm flurry says 51 percent of mobile activation were tablet did he advice during the holiday compared to 49 percent for smart phones. interesting. if you satisfied new smart phone or tablet this holiday season down load our free app. down load alarm clock app for yourism phone. android phone or tablet and kindle fire and i-pad as well. >> all right still to come tonight. gearing up for the big bowl games. wave look at the preparation for what has become a bay area holiday tradition. >> plus.
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>> i'm in gilroy and award winning marching band and color guard from the south bay will guard from the south bay will be making historyíáf-
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>> well new year's day almost here and that means float decoration for the rose parade is in high gear. frantic last hours. right now more than 1,000 volunteers are working very hard putting finishing touches on the floats. san jose high school band is one of only 2 dozen bands performing in the tournament of roses parade. as corrina explains, they also do something that has been -- has never been done before. about ♪ band playin
9:47 pm
playing. >>reporter: this practice taking place in the parking lot of gilroy guard be theme park. real performance will take place on national television. >> pretty much just excitement. we are ready to go and prepared and excited. >>reporter: san jose valley christian high school is not only marching in the tournament of roses parade but is the first band ever to team up with one from another nation. beijing no. 57 high school. before today the only time the 2 groups met was on a visit to china in april. the school provided this video. >> we are very excited about the opportunity to challenge the limited rehearsal time that we have. so that's what we are here doing today. twoyshtion bands have been practicing in their home country for more than a year and language is a barrier, music is the common denominator. soon the beijing 57 shared her thoughts through interpreter. >> really glad we can practice together and just be able to
9:48 pm
communicate and make friends. >>reporter: together the 2 35 musicians call themselves the east meets west fusion band. in addition to harmonizing the music performance move in perfect step to negotiate a tricky turn on the route. all eye and camera as they hit colorado boulevard in pasadena 8. i have never heard of that turn and just usually seen 90 and it's just scary. >>reporter: some nerve are expected as teens prepare for performance of a life time. but mostly they just want wait for the world to hear the sound they makes a one. >> we'll be hearing 2 culture come together with a boom and boom and boom. >>reporter: if you type in open new year's day san jose valley christian is wearing blue uniform. beijing 57 will be dressed in red. and together the music will make history. in gilroy abc 7 news.
9:49 pm
>> pretty cool stuff. now watch the valley christian beijing east/west fusion band rest of the tournament of roses parade new year's morning beginning at 8:00 o'clock on abc 7. hope you can tune tradition in san francisco is scheduled to take place this saturday. arizona state sun devil take on the navy midship men at at&t park for the craft fight hunger bowl. sky 7 hd over the stadium where you cap see the baseball diamond transformed in a pretty snazzy looking grid iron. craft will donate 1 meal to 3 local food bank for each ticket sold to that game. and bart is extending service to make sure people get home safely from new year's eve celebrations and parties. transit agency says it will keep operating until 3:00 a.m. on tuesday january 1st all to accommodate the throngs of people who head to downtown san francisco for the fireworks show. be aware trains will stop at it's embarcadero montgomery station but not bot
9:50 pm
both. almost to new year's eve and lisa is here with the forecast. >> hi dan. weak cold front open the way. it's going to get here late and it will usher in much cooler air. so tomorrow if you have plans the skies will cloud up and we won't be as warm because we have rain that will hit eureka a early in the day but take some time to travel south. in fact not a lot of moisture associated with it but a good deal of cold air. lots of sunshine and low 60's los angeles san diego and back home we have a dry day for the most part with rain starting in the north bay after 4:00 o'clock. elsewhere high pressure in the lower 50's under mostly cloudy sky. few peek of subpoena in the south by and central coast. should be a little warmer there but as we head into the overnight hours we see more light rain and end by saturday morning. it will be chilly though. low snow level rain snow mix mount hamilton, otherwise sunny and take us
9:51 pm
until sunday to warm-up few extra clouds on monday but we should stay dry through new year's day. >> nice perfect thank you very much. >> larry is off. collin is here with all the sports and. >> san jose start started the year and barely lost to stanford. >> a fluke. >> no. turn out to be legit. party in the nation capitol tonight. david and company do something that hasn't been done something that hasn't been done in 72 years. sports is
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>> coming up tonight at 11:00 o'clock. bay area student suspended for what she wrote about the newtown school shootings. tonight she defends her words and you will hear what she wrote. >> telephone frustration. abc 7 news i team investigates why is nobody answering the phone at big state offices. have you run into this problem? awfully frustrating. joins for the stories and more at 11. >> collin in for larry. i want to hear about the sparty party.
9:55 pm
>> not invited i notice. >> well it's happening across the country. maybe they will bring it back. party with them tomorrow when they do return. they lost the coach. when mike took the top job at colorado early this month but they never lost the focus. san jose state tapping the best season in school which is a win over bowling green in the military bowl. former home of the redskins location. fly over cow coach ron was speck taylor liked what he sees from david bail jaws junior. coming back for senior year. first quarte quarter. 33 yard. 7 nothing clark. he's the interim coach. told me last friday he wanted it as bad as the players. wasn't easy. early third quarter. 8 yards. falcons lead. spartan safety cut the la he had to 1. to jones. look at the move here. stays inbound and 64 s. 19-13 game. fourth quarter here comes bowling green. john pedigree
9:56 pm
line of scrimmage finds opening 35 yards down to the 1. would he score on the next play for 20-19 lead. san jose state answers. 68 yard drive. freshman lopez good from 27. perfect 17-17 on the year. 5 minutes to go. sunnyvale johnson to shuttle down. spartans recover. puts it away here. one yard. standing up. 29-20 the final. 3 navy yard passing. pair of touch down spartans finish 11 and 2 first 11 win season since 1940. >> man i'm speechless. one of the best team at san jose state. to be up there with the greatest players. i'm speec speechless. >>reporter: able to get the last win i call the cherry on top. just that finisher to make it you know the most memorable incredible season that we are going to have and it just said we are fought going to stop and it just kind of showed everyone what we were
9:57 pm
made of as spartans. >>reporter: great story. holiday bowl turned in a bail or blow out of the bruins. ucla finished regular season with back-to-back losss to stanford. on the way to finishing the season with the third straight loss tonight. nick lawrence and 55 yard connection 21 nothing bears. late second quarter. up the gut here. 3 more defender. bail or rolling right now. 42-13 in the fourth quarter. blue devil haven't wo a bowl game in 51 years. streak will continue. position for the go ahead score late josh fumble and williams recovers. few play later. the fourth and final touch down pass and game 83 yards to travis kelsey with 44 seconds left. late pick and 48-34. well matt may have been the no. 1 pick of the 49ers instead of smith. he decided to stay at usc another year.
9:58 pm
was tenth over all pick by arizona in 06 and never lived up to expectation. now with the third team, 16 of 32 for 115 yards and interception relieving injured palmer against caroline. did to inspire the coaching staff who gave almost half the first team republic to third striker prio prior. he still believes he can revive his career. >> i think i deserve to play. deserve to start. not sure what will happen but that's all you can do. just keep preparing. keep working hard. be here. be accountable and whatever happens, whatever decision is made that's what's made. >>reporter: coach will decide tomorrow. niner news limit entered practice. suffered concussion on that hit sunday in seattle. needs to pass further test to be cleared for this weekend. this is torn tri-accept tendon. surrendered
9:59 pm
73 points in 6 quarters and injured in new england back up and ready to go again. >> just need to a little bit better and trying to separate diffence between how he gets things do how do i things. >>reporter: 49ers out in the community what sims like a weekly basis doing things like. that linebacker grant escorting contingent of kids from anchor home to showing of how to train the dragon at hp pavilion in san jose. guessing they enjoyed the show. third time past 4 years stanford women face off top 2 team in the nation. cardinal no. 1. huskies number two the squad lost last year one of the 2 losses on the season. home court advantage the cardinal winner of 82 straight at maple pavilion. >> excited we are playing here. we have done very well. our team has played very well. we

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